The MENEA Story

My personal experience with my second child, who had extremely dry and irritated skin from birth, was the inspiration for creating this company. As a chemical professional, I was shocked to discover the toxic ingredients in baby products. I decided to turn to natural products and explore skin care traditions with vegetable oils from the Comoros Islands, my home country. I started working on this entrepreneurial project at the end of 2020, with the goal of bringing natural and health conscious body care products for infants and the whole family, while sharing the cultural richness of the Comoros archipelago for skin care.


To contribute to improving the health of the skin from the youngest age with healthy, natural products whose ingredients are all of the highest quality.

Our values

Presentation of the Founder

I am Soifiya Hassani and I run the company Les soins de MENEA. With eight years of experience in R&D in Europe and Quebec, I have worked in various fields of chemistry such as environment, food and materials engineering. I obtained a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering, a Bachelor's degree in Physical Sciences and Chemistry in France, as well as an ACS in laboratory techniques in analytical chemistry in Montreal. Since its launch in 2021, the MENEA brand has been recognized several times for its commitment to quality and user health:
● April 2021 - Local winner of Defi OsEntreprendre 2021 competition.
● July 2021 - Finalist of the Montreal Startup. program.
● October 2021 - Winner of the Start-up 2021 award by Artistri Sud,
● December 2021 - Successful socio-financing campaign to launch the Menea brand on a larger scale.
● April 2023 - Finalist in the start-up category of the Gala Fond-Afro Entrepreneurs du Québec

Social and environmental impact

As a Quebec-based personal care company, environmental impact is crucial. We reduce the production of single-use containers and use recyclable and reusable containers. Our ingredients are natural, vegetal and biodegradable, therefore without impact on the environment. We support hundreds of families by purchasing organic shea butter from a cooperative in Burkina Faso and Ylang Ylang essential oil from Bioylang in the Comoro Islands. Our products are made in Quebec to support the local economy and to help people suffering from skin problems to find serenity. Remember that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, representing 16% of the total weight.